UNESCO and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

UNESCO participates and fully supports the work of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)which is the UN principal body for coordination, policy review, policy dialogue and recommendations on economic, social and environmental issues, as well as for implementation of the internationally agreed development goals. It further serves as the United Nations’ central platform for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking on sustainable development where many of UNESCO’s mandates and priorities are being discussed.

The New York Liaison Office supports the ECOSOC Secretariat for the successful organization of the different segments of relevance to the Organization’s mandate and programs. As such the Office organizes side events, ministerial breakfasts, exhibitions and others. It also provides technical support during the member states’ negotiations over issues related to UNESCO’s purview.

Furthermore, UNESCO participates at the ECOSOC’s dialogues on the long-term positioning of the UN development system for the implementation of the 2030 Development Agenda and the QCPR process.

UNESCO Liaison Office in New York also engages with and supports the Functional commissions and Forums of ECOSOC within UNESCO’s purview.

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