Plenary sessions

The Conference hosted four plenary sessions:

1. Celebrating a Decade of Action
The opening plenary aimed at celebrating ESD successes and, in light of current global challenges, highlighted the urgent need for ESD. It introduced participants to the Conference objectives.

2. Reorienting Education to Build a Better Future for All - ESD as an integral element of quality education
Plenary II aimed at illustrating that quality education calls for integrating sustainability principles into education. It made the case for ESD’s contribution to education for global citizenship

3. Accelerating Action for Sustainable Development - enhancing the sustainable development agenda through education
Plenary III highlighted ESD’s catalyst function for taking action on sustainability issues such as climate change, disaster risk reduction and biodiversity loss.

4. Setting the Agenda for ESD beyond 2014
The closing plenary drew conclusions from the Conference discussions for ESD work after the UN Decade in 2014.

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