DESD Final Report

2012 Monitoring report

The final assessment report on the UN Decade of ESD will be launched at the 2014 World Conference on ESD.

This report will assess the growth of ESD throughout the Decade and give an updated picture of ESD at the end of the Decade. The report will also feature lessons learnt and draw conclusions for future actions on ESD.

As lead agency of the UN Decade of ESD (2005-2014), UNESCO has tracked progress on advancing ESD practices around the world. In the course of the Decade, UNESCO has published two assessment reports. The first report in 2009, ‘Review of Contexts and Structures for ESD’, focused on contexts and structures for ESD. This was followed by a second report, ‘Shaping the Education of Tomorrow’, in 2012, highlighting processes and learning for ESD.

A Monitoring and Evaluation Expert Group has been supporting UNESCO in reporting on the Decade.

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