Implementation Structures

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All concerned ESD stakeholders are invited to contribute to the implementation of the Global Action Programme (GAP) through their varying activities, projects and programmes at the global, regional, national and/or local levels.

UNESCO manages the GAP at the global level by setting up three Implementation Structures:

  • The Global Action Programme Secretariat will be created by UNESCO to assist in the overall coordination, monitoring and clearing house functions for the GAP. The GAP Secretariat will liaise closely with national focal points for the GAP and will seek the advice of a multi-stakeholder advisory group.
  • Partner Networks consisting of stakeholders with major commitments to support one or more of the five Priority Action Areas and who will help catalyze further activities by other stakeholders.
  • The Global Forum on ESD, a global platform for ESD stakeholders that will be convened periodically to facilitate, among others, exchanges of information and experiences and the global monitoring of progress.

Details of the GAP are provided in the Roadmap for implementing the GAP on ESD launched at the UNESCO World Conference on ESD in Japan.

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