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Businesses call for sustainable development to be included in curricula post-2015

Businesses see education as a top priority for a post-2015 world and also one of the areas where they are best positioned to make a difference, according to a new UN Global Compact issues brief.

LEAD companies – a group of 50 highly engaged companies in the UN Global Compact – have identified education as one of their 10 priority areas, and see education as a standalone goal within possible Sustainable Development Goals. They recommend that “curricula at primary level and at all levels above to include sustainable development concepts, with special emphasis on business schools”.

The Global Compact Initiative on Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) is an example of how this can work in the post-graduate arena. More than five hundred higher education business schools are working together to embed sustainability issues at the core of management and leadership education, providing a pool of ideas and a new breed of thought leaders that can be tapped for future corporate sustainability.

Priority areas for the post-2015 development agenda proposed by LEAD companies

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