About Evaluation

The mission of the Evaluation Section (EVS) is to enable UNESCO to meet its mandate by providing credible and evidence-based information to feed into decision-making processes on managing for results.

Delivering on this mission rests on the achievement of more specific, intermediate results:

  • Enhanced accountability
  • Greater effectiveness and efficiency of programmes
  • Enhanced strategic policy development
  • Contribution to results-driven UNESCO.

The day-to-day work of EVS focuses on the following set of actions:

  • Develop a positive evaluation culture
  • Improve the quality of evaluations
  • Enhance evaluation capacity
  • Improve management of evaluations
  • Contribute to strategic management
  • Extend evaluation coverage to all significant activities
  • Secure funding for evaluations
  • Improve follow-up to evaluation recommendations.

EVS performs its functions in accordance with the norms and standards developed by the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG). These norms and standards call for independence, transparency and impartiality.

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