04.04.2002 - IOS Evaluation

An Evaluation of UNESCO Publications on Human Rights Education

April 2002 - The purpose of this evaluation was to contribute to the formulation of a future strategy on Human Rights Education (HRE). The evaluation focused on nine publications commissioned by UNESCO Headquarters and field offices between 1997 and 2001.

The relevance of the publications was assessed in light of UNESCO’s HRE goals and objectives. These were identified in UNESCO documents such as the 1995 Declaration and Integrated Framework of Action on Education for Peace, Human Rights and Democracy. The evaluation also included a report on the perception of users and UNESCO staff of the dissemination and impact of these publications, based on 11 staff interviews and an email questionnaire with 11 responses from 10 countries. In addition, the evaluators provided guidelines for the future development and evaluation of HRE publications.

Download a copy of the evaluation report in portable document format (pdf/284KB).

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