01.04.2008 -

Evaluation of the Capacity Building for EFA (Cap-EFA)

April 2008 - The objective of this evaluation was to improve UNESCO’s performance in education by assessing the utility of the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UNESCO and five Nordic Countries to the realisation of Education for All, and to help Cap-EFA donors and UNESCO decide on future forms of cooperation.

Capacity Building for Education for All is an extra-budgetary programme to support capacity building activities for EFA in selected Member States. In accordance with the programme document from 2005, the programme has supported literacy and teacher training activities in 11 member states with a total programme budget of approximately USD 11.8 million over two years. 

  • Download a copy of the evaluation report in portable document format (pdf /823KB).

  • Download the Executive Board document 180EX/27 where this evaluation report is presented (pdf/76 KB).

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