01.08.2008 -

Evaluation of the Latin American Laboratory for the Evaluation of Educational Quality (LLECE) / UNESCO Santiago

August 2008 - The Latin American Laboratory for the Evaluation of Educational Quality (LLECE) is an assessment system and network of Latin American countries intended to evaluate the quality of K-12 education in Latin America.

The overall goal of LLECE is to assist participating countries to enhance the technical quality and utilization of assessment data on education as a means of improving the quality of education. The broad objectives of this programme are indicated as follows: 

  • To produce information on student achievement levels and analyze the factors underlying learning progress; 
  • To provide support and technical assistance to measurement and assessment units at the country level; 
  • To serve as forum for reflection, debate and exchange of new approaches on education evaluation.

The evaluation of LLECE was part of a broader evaluation project of three UNESCO international assessment programs. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the relevance and adequacy of organizational arrangements, the effectiveness of the quality control and quality assurance procedures, and capacity development of the programme. 

Download a copy of the Evaluation Report (pdf/2.32MB).

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