04.04.2004 - IOS Evaluation

Evaluation of the Mobile Teams of Experts for EFA Project

April 2004 - The aim of the programme is to "assist UNESCO in forming and operationalizing Mobile Teams of Experts for technical assistance and sending the Mobile Teams of Experts to no less than 10 identified countries".

The Norwegian funded "Mobile Teams of Experts for EFA" project was established through an agreement between the Government of Norway and UNESCO. The project has been funded through Norwegian Funds-in-Trust (NFIT) to UNESCO.

This evaluation was foreseen from the outset of the Project. The donor and UNESCO agreed that the contribution for this particular project would be the initial stepping-stone for Norway-UNESCO's larger scale cooperation under the EFA Programme, and as a secondary objective, a thorough evaluation of the activities undertaken covering the efficiency of the implementation modalities, the relevance and effectiveness of the project, and sustainability of the capacity of beneficiaries.

The evaluation, undertaken by a team of external consultants, was conducted in May and June 2003, and the final report was submitted and approved by UNESCO in February 2004. Four "case study" countries were included in the evaluation, and visited by the evaluators. The countries were: Cambodia, Haiti, Indonesia and Sudan. The evaluators reviewed documentation pertaining to the project, and met and interviewed some 130 people in the four countries and at UNESCO Headquarters. Persons interviewed included ministers and other government officials, and officials from UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, NGOs, INGOs and bilateral donors.

Download a copy of the evaluation report in portable document format (pdf/).

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