04.01.2002 - IOS Evaluation

Evaluation of UNESCO's National Culture of Peace Programme in Burundi

January 2002 - The central objective of the evaluation was to appraise the activities of the Burundi National Programme in the broader context of UNESCO’s Culture of Peace Programme and impact on the beneficiaries, and to formulate precise recommendations for future development in addition to drawing lessons from observed best practices with a view to adapting them to other similar situations.

The Culture of Peace Programme was adopted in 1993 and in 1995 it was established as a priority for all sectors of UNESCO when it was expanded into the transdisciplinary project, Towards a Culture of Peace. It not only contained operational objectives, but also structural ones, including the improvement of coordination and consultation in the design and execution of programmes. 

The UNESCO House for the Culture of Peace in Burundi (HUCPB) was established against this background in December 1994 following an explicit request by the Burundi Minister of Education. The National Programme, to be implemented in Burundi from 1996 to 2000, was developed in Headquarters. 

Download a summary of the report findings and recommendations as submitted to the 165th UNESCO Executive Board.

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