01.03.2010 -

Evaluation of UNESCO’s Strategic Programme Objective 4: Fostering Policies and Capacity-Building in Science, Technology and Innovation

This evaluation assesses progress towards achieving the expected outcomes of Strategic Programme Objective 4, and how progress might be enhanced through improving programme policy, design and delivery.

The expected outcomes of SPO 4 given in UNESCO's Medium-Term Strategy (2008–2013) are as follows:

  • Evidence-based national science, technology and innovation policies adopted by Member States in all regions, especially in Africa;
  • Global monitoring of science and technology (S&T) capacities and trends carried out;
  • Institutional and human capacities in the basic and engineering sciences and energy strengthened at all educational levels, notably in Africa, LDCs and SIDS and benefiting female students;
  • Governments assisted in the development of national policies pertaining to renewable and alternative energies and sustainable energy management. 

Download the Evaluation Report (pdf/2.76MB).

Download the Executive Board document 184EX/6 Part VI where this evaluation report is presented (pdf/143 KB).

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