04.02.2006 - IOS Evaluation

Evaluations of Education Sector Institutes and Centres

February 2006 - The evaluations form a critical part of the Director-General’s review of UNESCO institutes and centres and have taken place against the backdrop of further progress on UNESCO’s decentralization reforms (161 EX/41), notably the rationalization and reorganization of the network of programme implementing offices.

In addition, an overall strategy for UNESCO institutes and centres and their governing bodies was developed, including principles and guidelines for category I institutes and centres (33 C/19 and 171 EX/18). 

The evaluations were conducted by teams of external evaluators working under consistent terms of references and a coordinated approach. The purpose of the evaluations was to contribute to UNESCO’s review of education institutes and centres in the context of its decentralization reform process, and in particular to assess:

• The relevance of the institutes and centres to UNESCO’s programme priorities in the field of education;

• The results achieved by the institutes and centres, and their contributions to UNESCO’s efforts in achieving EFA goals;

• The quality of interaction and coordination between the institutes/centres and UNESCO Headquarters, field offices, Member States and partners with regard to planning and programme implementation; and 

• The funding patterns, mechanisms and their risks for sustained institutional capacity and the quality of organizational management.

<hr>A copy of the following evaluation reports are available:

International Bureau of Education (IBE) Download(pdf/6.07MB)

International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)Download (pdf/935KB)

UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE) Download (pdf/535 KB)

Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE)Download (pdf/2.47MB)

International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa (IICBA) Download (pdf/601KB)

International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC) Download(pdf/858KB)

European Centre for Higher Education (CEPES) Download(pdf/684KB)

International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNEVOC) Download (pdf/1.2MB)

Consolidated Report Download (pdf/704KB)

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