04.01.2006 - IOS Evvaluation

UNESCO's Support to National Planning for Education for All (EFA)

January 2006 - The World Declaration on Education for All (EFA), adopted at Jomtien in 1990, marked a new start in the global quest for universal basic education and the eradication of illiteracy.

The Framework for Action adopted at the World Education Forum held a decade later in Dakar, Senegal, affirmed that “UNESCO will continue its mandated role in coordinating EFA partners and maintaining their collaborative momentum” and at the same time “refocus its education programme in order to place the outcomes and priorities of Dakar at the heart of its work”.

To fulfil its EFA roles UNESCO works with several established mechanisms, including: the High-Level Group on Education for All (HLG); the Global Monitoring Report; the Working Group on Education for All (WGEFA); the EFA-Fast Track Initiative (FTI); the E-9 Initiative; the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI); EFA regional and subregional forums; and EFA national forums. As part of delivering on its second commitment, UNESCO has supported Member States to undertake EFA planning in a variety of ways, including providing guidance, technical advice, direct assistance, and policy and advocacy support as well as opportunities for national and other forums to improve participation in planning.

This external evaluation examined UNESCO’s support to national planning for Education for All between 2000 and 2004. Methods employed included desk studies of ten countries, visits to another ten countries for observations, interviews and discussions with various stakeholders, such as: staff members of UNESCO Headquarters and field offices, government ministries, various international agencies, non-governmental organizations, authorities of educational institutions and civil society organizations.

  • Download a copy of the evaluation report (pdf/588KB).

  • Download a summary of the report findings and recommendations as submitted to the 174th UNESCO Executive Board (pdf/ 75KB).

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