Oversight Advisory Committee

UNESCO’s Oversight Advisory Committee (OAC) is comprised of external independent members and advises the Director-General in fulfilling her oversight responsibilities and it reports annually to the Executive Board. Members are appointed for two-year terms and possess expertise in auditing, risk management and control, with one member being an expert in evaluation. More information on the OAC's responsibilities can be found in its Terms of Reference.

The selection process for the current membership included public solicitation of candidates in Le Monde and the Economist as well as notification of all Permanent Delegations to UNESCO of the application process.

Selection criteria centered on the relevant expertise of candidates, with gender and geographical balance among the membership given priority consideration. Recognizing that the OAC is comprised of four members, geographical balance is also managed and maintained through subsequent appointments as terms of incumbents come to an end and new members are appointed. 

The four OAC members actually with expertise in auditing, risk management, control and evaluation are:



Mr Jonathan BREUL 

Ms Hilary WILD

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