Reports to Governing Bodies

Report on the activities of the Organization

The Director-General regularly reports to the Governing Bodies on the status of the activities implemented by the Organization.
Activity reports

IOS Annual Reports

The IOS Charter requires IOS to prepare an annual report for the Director-General and governing bodies. The report is also shared with the Oversight Advisory Committee. The annual report summarizes significant oversight activities, conclusions, recommendations and action taken in response for the concerned year.
IOS Annual Reports

Evaluation summaries

IOS presents summaries of recently completed evaluations to the Executive Board on a periodic basis. These Board papers contain brief descriptions of the evaluations at hand, the key achievements and challenges identified and the associated recommendations.
Evaluation Summaries

Decentralised bodies

The implementation of UNESCO’s decentralisation reform requires field entities to be subject to regular audits and evaluations. Based on these, IOS presents a report to the Executive Board each biennium on the results and activities of decentralised bodies (Field Offices and Category I/II Centres and Institutes).
Field Offices & Institutes

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