33 C/3

The C/3, the report of the Director general on the activities of the Organization for a given biennium, is a results-based report submitted to UNESCO's governing bodies every two years. The report highlights progress (results acheived) against the expected results presented in the biennium programme and budget (C/5) document and the strategic objectives expressed in UNESCO's Medium-Term Strategy (C/4).

At the end of each biennium, IOS requests each programme sector and central service to submit a contribution that illustrates progress made in the delivery of their respective programme. IOS offers guidance to ensure that the contributions are analytical, evidence-based, and results-oriented. IOS also undertakes a verification exercise to assure the quality of the data and information supplied by the sectors and units. In doing so, IOS seeks to ensure that Governing Bodies are fully informed on programme implementation progress and delivery, major achievements and challenges, and lessons learnt.

The overall aim is to ensure that the C/3 document becomes a more effective tool for governance and management. In order to strengthen the usefulness of the report as a decision-making instrument, a synthesis document was produced and submitted to the 170th Executive Board.

Download the synthesis report: 170 EX/6.

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