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UNESCO Partners with French National Museum of Natural History

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On 3 October 2017, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, and the President of the French National Natural History Museum, Bruno David, signed a partnership agreement between the two institutions that covers several fields of competence and follows the close cooperation between the Musée de l’homme (which depends on the National Museum of Natural History) and UNESCO, within the framework of the exhibition “Us and Them - From Prejudice to Racism", running until the beginning of 2018.

"I welcome the signing of this partnership agreement, which reflects our vision of the role of museums today, as embodied by the 2015 UNESCO Recommendation on the subject,” said the Director-General. "In this respect, the National Museum of Natural History is an example to us of what needs to be done and its mission fully echoes our own, as the study of the links between humanity and nature, between history and everyday life is also at the heart of our priorities," she added.

Welcoming the signing of this partnership, the President of the National Natural History Museum, Bruno David, reiterated his thanks to UNESCO for the collaboration undertaken to date, especially with regard to the exhibition at the Musée de l’homme”, which features UNESCO's action through the International Coalition of Inclusive and Sustainable Cities (ICCAR), and the fight against racism and discrimination.

“We are honoured by this partnership with UNESCO, which marks the wide and strong commitment of the National Museum of Natural History to the values of tolerance and universalism,” declared President David.

The French National Natural History Museum

Musée de l'homme

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