Alain Husson-Dumoutier

Mr. Alain Husson-Dumoutier, UNESCO Artist for Peace


Husson-Dumoutier was born in Provence, France. An International artist, who has exhibited in many major museums and collections in the world, he expresses himself outside trends and schools, while remaining resolutely innovative and interested in the themes of humanity.

Traveling around the world, Husson-Dumoutier’s art is full of scenery, lights and presences inspired by cities and temples. A lover of poetry, he also draws inspiration from his favourite poets such Rimbaud, Schiller, Goethe, Lorca and Pablo Neruda. Trained as a sociologist, Husson-Dumoutier is a tireless researcher. His paintings gradually reveal his studies in their secret dimensions.

Husson-Dumoutier knows how to reveal mystic chords of light made from sand, clay and pure pigments from the different countries. His career was prolific and he multiplies approaches in different techniques. As a sculptor he worked eg crystal the hammer.

A technician also of sound and light Alain Husson-Dumoutier created his first phonosensitive painting in 1981. At the center of the painting, a zone reacts to treble and midrange sound. The areas above and below the center, respond to bass sounds. The painting or sculpture react to the sound and music and follow all their nuances. The music can be heard and seen at the same time. Dozens of similar works are included in public and private collections internationally,  including the General Council of the Oise and the library of Sèvres.

In 1996, UNESCO asked him to make two sculptures trophies, one now part of the permanent collection of UNESCO, the other being intended as a trophy for the Madanjeet Singh Prize for Tolerance and Nonviolence. That was the beginning of a long collaboration between the artist and the international organization which appointed him in 1999, UNESCO Artist for Peace.

In 1999, he exhibited at UNESCO his collection ‘Southern Wind’ , which comprised of over 137 tables inspired by a book of poetry written by Federico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO at the time, in which Alain Husson-Dumoutier was also the co-author. In 2004, continuing the research on religion, he conveyed his artistic vision of religious texts of sacred books: the Torah, the New Testament and the Koran. In 2006, his painting represented the French artistic entry in the marking of the 10th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords in Sarajevo.

In 2007, he presented to the Senate in Paris and the Museum of the Thirties of Boulogne sur Seine his collection ‘Egypt and the Three Sacred Books’, comprised of over 200 tables. On this occasion, a book entitled The Three Sacred Books of Peace, prefaced by Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, was published by LB Story editions. In June 2010, a major exhibition on the soul of the Mediterranean is made at the request of the municipality, Saint-Tropez. Over 300 works were presented, paintings and sculptures of his on monotheism and the surrounding cities and temples of Mare Nostrum. His current quest called Courage, Will, Life is to interview and paint portraits of the last witnesses of the Holocaust in the world.

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