Amine Kouider

Amine Kouider is a conductor whose rich musical and artistic background has seen him invited to conduct many prestigious orchestras. His experience has been shaped and enriched by four seasons as artistic director at the Algiers Opera and six seasons as musical director at the International Orchestra of Paris.

Amine Kouider spent three years assisting the great conductor Valery Gergiev, inheriting a rich musical tradition and giving him the opportunity to progress in the highest musical circles. His repertoire includes numerous symphonic works, oratorios and nearly 25 operas. The artist in Amine Kouider shines through his conducting with a style that is energetic, intense, involved, generous and sometimes fiery but with clear and precise movements. Amine Kouider knows how to work thoroughly, yet quickly and effectively, with an orchestra. The esthetics of sound are very important to him.

His work has been picked up on by the press and numerous personalities in the world of music; the following quote sums up his skills and qualities as a musician and as a man: « Amine Kouider has great artistic sensibility, great maturity and possesses the natural authority to lead musicians. He is able to work very thoroughly with an orchestra. »

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