Gérard Voisin

©Nausicaa Favart Amouroux
from left to right: HE Mr. Elias Sanbar, Ambassador, Permanent Observer of Palestine to UNESCO, Mr. Gerard Voisin, UNESCO Artist for Peace and Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

The French sculptor and poet Gérard Voisin was named UNESCO Artist for Peace in July 2005 in recognition of his artistic career, his commitment to cultural diversity, dialogue and tolerance between men and memory of the struggle against slavery. Following the ceremony was a retrospective of his work, held at Headquarters from 7 July to 19 August 2005. Born in 1934 in Nantes, he took refuge in poetry and in union activism. In 2005, shortly after his appointment, Gérard Voisin's work offers "Fusion" to Palestine as the first piece in the collection of the future Museum of Contemporary Art of Palestine. The ceremony took place under the patronage of UNESCO.

In 2006, the Regional Council of Pays de Loire paid tribute to Gérard Voisin by organizing the exhibition, Neighbors Neighbor, comprised of a hundred sculptures. The exhibition is intended to show not only the work of this man inhabited by unusual artistic multilingualism, but also the works of his prestigious neighbors, friends of his, and a small portion of his outstanding collection of African art.  

In 2007, Gérard Voisin built a workshop of 350 m² in Moutiers to receive school children in the region. The artist sculpture workshop was visited by the children of Secours Populaire. In 2008, Gérard Voisin is invited to the tribute to the poet Aimé Césaire at the UNESCO HQ, and participates in conferences and published a book on this occasion through the Africa Department of the Organization. The same year he exhibited at the Embassy of Cuba.  In 2010, Gérard Voisin helps, with the invaluable assistance of artist Ernest Pignon Ernest, in the exhibition Arts against Weapons organized jointly by UNESCO and the Permanent Mission of Palestine to UNESCO.

From June 22 to October 28, 2011, the General Council of Loire-Atlantique exhibited the latest creations of Gérard Voisin. 86 sculptures were exhibited in the Hôtel du Département de Nantes, alongside poems, pictures and stories that illustrate the world of the artist and his career.

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