Sarah Brightman's amazing voyage with UNESCO

©Sarah Brightman
Sarah Brightman, Artist for Peace

International singing superstar and UNESCO Artist for Peace Sarah Brightman was  joined today by special guests in Moscow  to announce her plans for the coming two to three years. She announced exciting news about the launch of her new studio album, ‘Dreamchaser’, an extensive world tour in 2013, and her exciting plans to explore – and encourage exploration by others – for a more sustainable future as an integral part of her journey. The event marked the strengthening of the already fruitful cooperation between UNESCO and Sarah, in a bid to promote sustainable living through Education and the Sciences. As Sarah stated: ‘I’ve searched for a way to engage with people via partners who already operate a number of programmes that have global presence but which positively impact individuals. One such partner that I can share this journey with in meaningful ways is UNESCO.’  

During her world tour and beyond, Sarah Brightman will serve as a spokesperson in favour of UNESCO’s aims and programmes that promote a sustainable vision of our world and its resources. In Sarah Brightman’s words, the aim will be to ‘ make an impact and improve the lives of many people. My mission and beliefs are perfectly aligned to the Organization’s ethos.’ Sarah’s vision of a sustainable living coincides with two of UNESCO’s core mandates: Education and Natural Sciences.

For Sarah and UNESCO, education for girls and women is a basic human right and the most sustainable investment any of us can make towards eradicating poverty. As such, Sarah will be promoting specific projects that relate to educating girls and women in order for them to build self-sufficient and sustainable communities.  At the same time, children and young people play a vital role as global citizens because they will ensure the long-term peaceful and sustainable development of the planet. Therefore, education for peace in support of sustainable development should empower students, encourage them to exercise their rights and give them a voice.

UNESCO and Sarah will also be linking science and art to inspire young people to re-think and re-design their future through the vision of sustainable living, reminding them that science is the solution to the scarcity of resources and the challenges we face today. Sarah will be making this statement by highlighting the work of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and the Global Geoparks. Biosphere reserves are sites established by countries and recognized under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme to promote sustainable development based on local community efforts and sound science. As places that seek to reconcile conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development, they are ideal to test and demonstrate innovative approaches to sustainable development from local to international scales. A Global Geopark is a unified area with geological heritage of international significance and where that heritage is being used to promote the sustainable development of the local communities who live there.

Sarah Brightman was designated as UNESCO Artist for Peace in a ceremony at the Organization’s Headquarters in Paris on 8 February 2012. Sarah’s work to engage audiences the world over with UNESCO’s aims over the next two to three years will serve to highlight genuine solutions to human and environmental challenges. Her voyage with UNESCO will be featured on and  

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