World Orchestra for Peace

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Founded in 1995 by the late Sir Georg Solti, the World Orchestra for Peace uses  music as a universal language of peace that crosses all borders and brings people together by reminding them of everything they share.

In its 20 concerts since then, this unique Orchestra, whose players are virtually all leading principals from over 80 of the world’s finest orchestras,  embodies an ever-growing family of players from more than 40 countries from all regions, representing the universal desire to promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace. Led by another UNESCO Artist for Peace, Valery Gergiev, the concerts of the World Orchestra for Peace also promote music education for younger generations and give new young professional orchestral musicians an opportunity to play together with and learn from their senior colleagues from around the world. 

UNESCO was proud to support the World Orchestra for Peace in its efforts to take forward the core ideals and aims of the Organization by designating the Orchestra as a UNESCO Artist for Peace on 5 August 2010. 

In its capacity as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, the World Orchestra for Peace has performed on many special occasions, notably in Abu Dhabi in January 2011, marking the opening  concert of the Abu Dhabi Festival 2011, in New York and in Chicago in October 2012, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the late Sir Georg Solti and in Berlin in January 2014, on the occasion of the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the United Nations Secretary-General.

For more information about the Orchestra please consult this link. To view the short documentary on Sir Georg Solti’s Vision (founder of the World Orchestra for Peace) please consult this link

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