World Orchestra for Peace

© BBC - Chris Christodoulou

Asked to play a concert to mark 50 years of the UN, in 1995, Sir Georg Solti had a vision of an orchestra from all corners of the globe that would realize the unifying power of music, and show how musicians from different political and religious cultures can work together : the World Orchestra for Peace was created. In Sir Georg Solti’s words this group, that bring together musicians coming from orchestras all over the world, was founded to reaffirm 'the unique strength of music as an ambassador for peace'.  

It is the talent of all its members that makes the orchestra unique, but also the logistical challenge of assembling these eminent players. In accordance with this, the orchestra only ever assembles for particular occasions which reflect its special mission to promote peace and international co-operation. After Solti's sudden death in 1997, the decision was taken to ask Valery Gergiev if he could succeed Georg Solti as conductor of the World Orchestra for Peace. The famous Russian conductor, who shares Solti's passionate commitment to peace and a powerful sense of how music unites humanity, was undeniably the most suitable replacement. Since 1997 the World Orchestra for Peace in conducted by Maestro Gergiev who describes its members as "the best musicians from the world's best orchestras".

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