David Douillet

Mr. David Douillet, UNESCO Champion for Sport

David Douillet started practicing judo very young. In 1991, at age 22, for the first time he became champion of France and attained third place at the European Championship. When he first participated at the Olympic Games in 1992 in Barcelona, he won the bronze medal in the heavy weight category. Two years later David Douillet became European champion, and in 1995 World champion. At the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 a new Olympic champion was born. Injured on several occasions, he made his comeback by winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney.

David Douillet is a man with a big heart. For example, he sponsored during several years the collection of pièces jaunes (small change) for children’s hospitals, organized by Mrs Chirac. Incarnating the values of judo and achievement, David Douillet participated in events to introduce young people to this martial art and he gives judo demonstrations in prisons in order to facilitate the reintegration of prisoners. David Douillet supports several projects of UNESCO’s Education Sector.

David Douillet undertook a mission for UNESCO to Niamey in Niger, in order to support the programme “Hope and Solidarity Through Ball Games”, that mixes educational, cultural and sport activities. In this manner, he participates in the fight against exclusion through education, because he considers sports as a way for children to meet, to exchange experiences and to reintegrate into the school system.

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