Cristina Owen-Jones

Lady Owen-Jones, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

Lady Owen-Jones has been an advocate of bringing help to children suffering from poverty, malnutrition, illnesses and acts of violence.

Lady Owen-Jones’s personal commitment to this ideal is also reflected in her espousal of a pressing humanitarian cause: the fight against HIV/AIDS, the greatest challenge to the well-being of our generation.

Since her designation as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for HIV/AIDS Prevention Education in 2004, she has gone on missions in the field, particularly in Africa, Lithuania and China where she met people afflicted with HIV/AIDS, as well as major officials and activists in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention. Her public advocacy efforts have resulted in an outpouring of sympathy and solidarity.

Furthermore, she has worked with UNESCO’s programme for the Education of Children in Need, in particular by supporting impoverished children at the Don Bosco centre in Argentina.

In her capacity as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Lady Owen-Jones initiated in the framework of World AIDS Day 2005, a round table on HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in the private sector. Following this initiative, a Partnership Agreement was signed between UNESCO and the Global Business Coalition in order to reinforce the mobilization against HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, she was engaged in a project in Cambodia for the education of young girls and the fight against AIDS.

Lately, Lady Owen-Jones undertook numerous actions in the private sector with the aim of promoting UNESCO’s programmes for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, resulting in various partnerships between UNESCO and the private sector: with L'Oréal for the ‘COIFFEURS contre le sida’ project; with the Virginio Bruni-Tedeschi Foundation within the framework of EDUSIDA and the organization of a round table on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2008 in UNESCO Headquarters.

Lady Owen-Jones also participated in various conferences in UNESCO, notably during the visit of former Director-General of ONUSIDA, Mr Peter Piot and in UNESCO’s videos for World AIDS Day. Additionally Lady Owen Jones supports associations, which fight discrimination against HIV/AIDS carriers.

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