The Youth Peacemaker Network in Northern Uganda

The Harmonizer Program is both a domestic and an international program that aims to encourage social change and transformation in urban areas affected by violence. Operating in areas marked by destructive conflicts, this program designs and implements strategies that promote non-violent conflict resolution and change the systematic patterns that have been shaped and impacted by conflict. The Harmonizer Program is also dedicated to enabling researchers to enter conflict zones and evaluate pathways to peace by stimulating economic and communal growth, with a focus on troubled youth in violent areas.

The PeaceEarth Foundation will work closely with Hope North on The Harmonizers of northern Uganda, to complement and enhance the existing programs at Hope North but also to bridge the existing gap and conflict between the North and South of Uganda. Youth participating in this program are either orphans, former child soldiers, children who were produced by rebels, or other vulnerable youth who are recommended by their peers. Many of these youth have lost contact with their parents or have discovered that their parents have died. These youth have been so consumed by conflict that they don’t know who they are. They will be trained by international and local experts in conflict resolution, leadership, peace and community building, as well as mediation skills.

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The Youth Peacemaker Network in South Sudan

Committed to promoting reconciliation and dialogue among diverse groups of youth, the PeaceEarth Foundation jointly with UNESCO, will promote the peace-building capacity among South Sudanese youth through the Youth Peacemaker Network (YPN).

Youth from South Sudan will be directly trained by international and local experts in conflict resolution, leadership, peace and community building, as well as mediation skills. Participants of the YPN will be trained in community building and peaceful conflict resolution, and the network will be established in three successive phases by focusing on three States hubs in South Sudan at a time. Starting in 2012, PeaceEarth, together with UNESCO Juba Office, will select and train young leaders from the regions of Greater Upper Nile, Bahr El Ghazal and the Equatorias. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training courses, computers and Internet connectivity will also be provided by Ericsson. At the end of this process, a Youth Peacemaker Network will be established at the national level.

The first workshop will be held in December 2012 in Juba for the Greater Upper Nile States (Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei). This area has seen the most incidents of recent violent conflict, particularly among youth. As part of the establishment of the national network, a long-term capacity development, mentoring and business skills program will be developed in order to promote attractive alternative learning and skills opportunities for youth. The program will include distance and peer-to-peer support and activities.

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