Kitín Muñoz

Mr. Kitin Munoz, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

A Spanish navigator, scientist, sociological explorer and a great champion of the causes of aboriginal people the world over, Kitín Muñoz uses his expeditions on primitive boats to spread his message of peace, multiculturalism and respect for indigenous cultures. An ecologist and humanitarian, he draws international attention to the threats that environmental destruction and “progress” pose to indigenous people and their way of life. He uses his adventurous expeditions along ancient maritime routes across the open ocean to prove the existence of a cultural interchange between civilizations in the Pacific and Latin America.

Kitín Muñoz was designated UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1997.Having organized an expedition under the aegis of UNESCO, Kitín Muñoz utilizes his scientific research to help promote a culture of peace, marked by respect for other people, their cultures and the environment.

In his quality as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Kitín Muñoz has contributed to the rebirth of the “Moussem of Tan Tan”, an annual gathering of nomadic peoples from the Sahara. The “Moussem of Tan Tan” is inscribed on the UNESCO representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

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