Message from the Director General

© UNESCO/Michel Ravassard
Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO

Our mission is broad but I am convinced that we gain from embracing a perspective that views peace through the lens of education, science, culture and communications. As our Honorary and Goodwill Ambassadors, your outstanding careers encompass this humanist vision.

Few organizations can claim to have such an impressive spectrum of eminent personalities serving their cause – first-class musicians and singers, fashion designers, artists, scientists, environmentalists and other voices of influence. You have not only excelled in your own field, but shared your time and passion to better the lives of children, youth and adults, to open minds and increase opportunity. You have given hope by supporting UNESCO’s efforts to expand learning for the most marginalized, promote science, celebrate culture, advance women’s rights or prevent HIV and AIDS, to cite just a few examples.

Through your commitment to mutual understanding, dialogue and universal human rights, you have been instrumental in sharing UNESCO’s messages across the world. There is no better way to promote a cause than to serve as an example.

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