Division of Field Support and Coordination (FSC)

The Division of Field Support and Coordination (FSC) is responsible for the overall management of the UNESCO field network in close collaboration with the Programme Sectors and Support Services.

It acts as a platform to enhance efficient and effective communication, accountability and a streamlined flow of information between the field network and Headquarters. Its tasks include to:


  • Serve as the single entry point for field offices for programme support, coordination, monitoring and reporting as well as administrative backstopping through coordinated, timely and coherent approaches, responses and actions from Headquarters in collaboration with the Sectors and Support Services concerned;

  • Facilitate and promote interactive collaboration between field offices and Headquarters by carrying out both upstream (policies, strategies and field reform initiatives) and downstream (coordination, monitoring and reporting) functions, and assist field offices in increasing their managerial autonomy and accountability;

  • Provide strategic advice and recommendations to the Director-General and the senior management team on policies, new initiatives, information, issues and overarching and cross-cutting trends related to the field network;

  • processes and systems to enhance and streamline information flows between field offices and Headquarters;

  • Strategic and efficient communication in support of strengthened decision-making with clear and regular information and knowledge-sharing between the field offices and Headquarters;  

  • Enhance coordination and monitoring of programme delivery at country level, including participation in common programmes of UN;

  • Monitor and ensure the optimization of the field staffing contingent of Directors/Heads of field offices and core staff; coordinate with Programme Sectors and relevant Corporate Services and field units to ensure appropriate staffing in the field offices;

  • Oversee the performance assessment cycle of Directors/ Heads of field offices. 

The Division of Field Support and Coordination was established on 1 January 2016.  Prior its creation, the function of field support and coordination was carried out from the Bureau of Strategic Planning.

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