Poland for World Heritage

Conservation work inside the necropolis of Saqqara (Egypt).

Exhibition showing the contribution of Poland to World heritage sites protection and safeguarding throughout several initiatives conducted in Africa, Asie, Europe and South America.
Since the 1980s, with the support of various partners, Polish archaeologists, conservators or scientists have conducted training and research workshops, participated in searches and shared their expertise with their counterparts (institutions or NGOs) around the world.


Type of Event Exhibition
Start 03.09.2013 09:00 local time
End 13.09.2013 16:00 local time
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Focal point BPI
Contact dl.pologne@unesco-delegations.org, 01 45 68 29 97
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters - Siège de l'UNESCO
Street 7, place de Fontenoy
Room Salle Pas Perdus
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