High-level Forum on Management of Social Transformation of ASEAN countries

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Flooding (Jakarta, Indonesia)

This Forum is being organized by the government of Viet Nam in cooperation with UNESCO, and will focus on “Societal Vulnerability” in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

ASEAN Leaders have issued Declarations and Statements related to climate change as well as other aspects of environmental challenge. They have expressed ASEAN’s common aspirations towards a global solution to the challenge of climate change and to achieve an ASEAN community resilient to climate change through national and regional actions. While this existing legal framework has been translated into climate change mitigation and adaption programmes, there is need to develop policies that address the impact of environmental changes on the social inclusion of communities. This Forum will propose as such recommendations and practical policy options to strengthen legal and institutional frameworks with focus on socially inclusive policies.

The Forum is part of a series of Fora of Ministers of Social Development, which are institutionalized in various regions and sub-regions across the world under UNESCO’s Management Of Social Transformations Programme. The overall purpose of the Fora is to facilitate policy design and implementation on the basis of rigorous social science knowledge by creating an innovative space for policy-oriented dialogue involving experts as well as high-level decision-makers.


Type of Event Category 2-Intergovernmental meeting
Start 20.12.2013 08:00 local time
End 20.12.2013 20:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Golden, Cecilie
Organizer Government of Viet Nam
Contact Cecilie Golden, c.golden@unesco.org
Country Viet Nam
City Hanoi
Venue Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences
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Major Programme
Language of Event English
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