Journalism under fire: challenges of our time

In the framework of the colloquium, UNESCO will organize two round table discussion in order to provide a global platform to assess the international landscape facing media professionals. Thus, media leaders, journalists, experts and Member States will have an opportunity to analyze the extent to which there is a “crisis of journalism”, and unpack the main driving forces involved.
The focus will extend to discussion of what measures could be taken in order to ensure that journalism, on all platforms, is able to play its vital role. The colloquium will therefore also discuss new approaches in understanding the role of journalism in this changing environment, and debate existing and new measures aimed to strengthen quality reporting and to empower audiences with media and information literacy.


Type of Event Category 4- International Congress
Start 23.03.2017 08:30 local time
End 23.03.2017 17:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Lukosiunas, Marius
Organizer Marius Lukosiunas (, Flavie Romer (, Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development
Contact Marius Lukosiunas, Flavie Romer
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters
Street 7, place de Fontenoy
Room Room X
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
Estimated number of participants 150
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