Next Einstein Forum

Launched in 2013, the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) is an initiative of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in partnership with Robert Bosch Stiftung. The NEF is a platform that connects science, society and policy in Africa and the rest of the world – with the goal to leverage science for human development globally. The NEF believes that Africa’s contributions to the global scientific community are critical for global progress.

At the centre of NEF efforts are Africa’s young people, the driving force for Africa’s scientific renaissance. The NEF is a unique forum because it is youth driven. At least 50 percent of participants are age 42 or younger and 40% are women. The NEF showcases the contributions of Africa’s brilliant youth to Africa’s scientific emergence through its class of NEF Fellows who are Africa’s top scientists and technologists, all under the age of 42.

Every two years, the global reunion of NEF members seek to bring forward young scientists in Africa and put them into contact with African leaders as well as the rest of the world in the context of mediatised forums which allow participation only upon invitation and which touch three pillars: science, society and politics. The institution of NEF seeks to identify and reward highly regarded STEM contributors in Africa by choosing 54 ambassadors in the area of sciences and technologie in the overall continent (one ambassador per country), and leads to comparative analysis and sensitivity training within population.


Type of Event Category 3- Non-governmental conference
Start 26.03.2018 08:00 local time
End 28.03.2018 22:55 local time
Date to be fixed 1
Focal point Gu, Xiang
Country Rwanda
City Kigali
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Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
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