Towards Access to Culture for All

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Marking both the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development and the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, on 22 May, UNESCO will bring together a panel of UN representatives, museum directors, artists, tech leaders, and experts to answer a simple question: How can we ensure that everyone has the right to access culture?
This discussion will aim to offer a way forward in light of the situation facing culture today – one where growing access to culture sits alongside increasing threats to cultural diversity. The event will begin with a speech by the Director-General, Audrey Azoulay, followed by a moderated panel discussion.

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Type of Event Category 8-Symposium
Start 22.05.2018 15:00 local time
End 22.05.2018 17:30 local time
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Focal point Patchett, Lynne
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Country France
City Paris
Street 7, place de Fontenoy
Room Room IV
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Language of Event English, French
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