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The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea, UNESCO and Busan Metropolitan City, in co-operation with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the National Research Foundation of Korea, are convening the 1st World Humanities Forum 2011 to facilitate collective reflection by human scientists, thinkers, artists and visionaries on key challenges and questions facing the world in the 21st century.

The World Humanities Forum aims to:

1- Reflect on key challenges and questions facing humans today from the perspectives of human sciences;
2- Examine the status of human sciences in the context of such challenges and questions; and,
3- Promote the importance of the role of human sciences and the reflection on humanism in addressing challenges and questions.

Today, there are high expectations for the humanities as providers of visions and insights. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, stressed the need for a new humanism “in times of increasing globalization, of greater connectivity and also of rising uncertainty, with new economic, financial and social challenges”. She went on to underscore that UNESCO and the international community should provide answers to the key questions we face today—“questions about how to prevent the fragmentation of humanity and how to build real foundations for development and peace”.

Moreover, as a country with a unique experience of overcoming the scars of war and colonialism and achieving socioeconomic development, the Republic of Korea strives to promote the role and values of humanities in this transformative era.


Type of Event Category 8-Symposium
Start 24.11.2011 08:30 local time
End 26.11.2011 11:30 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Crowley, John
Organizer UNESCO, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea, Busan Metropolitan City
Contact John Crowley, j.crowley@unesco.org
Country Republic of Korea
City Busan Metropolitan City
Venue Convention Halls, BEXCO
Street #43 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
Estimated number of participants 300
Official Website World Humanities Forum
Link 1 Concept Note [PDF, 58 KB]
Link 2 Programme [PDF, 178 KB]
Link 3 Humanism, a new idea, The UNESCO Courier, 2011-4
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