International UN-Water Conference. Water in the Green Economy in Practice: Towards Rio+20

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Basílica del Pilar - Río Ebro, Zaragoza.

The Conference is jointly organized by: UNW-DPAC and the Ebro River Basin Authority, UNESCO, UNW-DPC, World Bank, UNEP, OECD, ILO, ECLAC, ESCWA, and UN-Habitat. As a contribution to the Rio+20 process, this Conference will provide an opportunity to showcase how water is a key factor in the green economy and how different tools can promote CHANGE. This will be illustrated through specific practical examples of the use of the tools to facilitate change in different regions of the world. The aim is to focus on those tools that support the transition, reflect on lessons learnt from practical implementation experiences, and highlight the importance of the specific context.
This will support the preparation process of moving towards Rio+20 and contribute to the compilation of the toolbox or best practice guide for actions which promote water in the green economy.

Water contributes to the green economy. It is important for people and for the planet. Building on the results and conclusions of the Official Side Event at the 2nd UNCSD Preparatory Committee (Prepcom 2) "How the Green Economy depends on water", organized by UN-Water and UNSGAB, where a call was made to develop a UN Green Economy Road Map (A/CONF.216/PC/8) and a toolbox or a best practices guide of actions for transforming into a green economy, in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, the Conference will support the process of moving to action in preparation for Rio+20.
The cases presented in the conference will focus on the use of specific 'tools for change' to help move towards a green growth model. They will demonstrate how investments and appropriate financing models for sanitation, drinking water services, and water resources management can support poverty reduction and growth; how investing and adopting fiscal policies for protecting the environment ensures the provision of ecosystem services that are necessary for economic development and for a more resilient economy; how to generate change through improvements in technology; what types of labour policies and reforms are necessary and what job opportunities exist within an economic model with more efficient household consumption patterns and sustainable production practices from economic sectors.
The conference is by invitation only. Participants in the conference include stakeholders, representatives of UN-Water members and partners, representatives and experts of the UN Global Sustainability Panel, members of UNSGAB, representatives of UNDESA, representatives of the success stories and initiatives in water and green economy.
A group of journalists from Least Developed Countries will be invited to attend the event to increase the awareness about best practices and promote the green economy approach in the water sector in their countries. The conference is designed as an interactive workshop and is expected to gather 80 invited participants from around the world.


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Start 03.10.2011 08:00 local time
End 05.10.2011 18:00 local time
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