Mongolia Gala

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Dance, song and music from the folk and contemporary repertoires of Mongolia will be presented during this show. The Mongolian traditional art of khöömei and traditional morin khuur music, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, will also be on the programme.
Khöömei is a form of throat singing from western Mongolia, in the Altai mountains. The singer imitates nature by simultaneously producing two sounds: a continual hum and a superimposed melody of harmonics.
Morin khuur (fiddle with a horse’s head), a two-stringed fiddle whose design is closely linked to horse worship, occupies a prime spot in Mongolian nomadic culture. It is most often played solo, but can also accompany dances, long songs (urtiin duu), myth recitals, ceremonies and day-to-day tasks linked to horses. Even now, the morin khuur repertoire still features airs (tatlaga) specifically aimed at taming animals. The simultaneous presence of a fundamental note and harmonics has always made it difficult to transcribe into classic notation, and explains why morin khuur is passed on orally from master to apprentice through generations.

By invitation, limited seating capacity


Type of Event Show
Start 25.10.2011 19:00 local time
End 25.10.2011 20:30 local time
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Organizer Permanent Delegation of Mongolia to UNESCO / Délégation permanente de la Mongolie auprès de l’UNESCO
Contact 01 46 05 28 12,
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters / Siège de l'UNESCO
Street 125, avenue de Suffren
Room Room I
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