Webinar "Is it possible to talk about Evil in the time of the pandemic?" - part 3

The world is in the grip of Covid-19, and there is a deeper concern about pandemics in general and other global diseases, including climate change. Today, it is necessary to open a conversation about the diseases of the world through the concept of “evil. A philosophical approach to the pandemic is important to understand what is at stake in such a context and what we can learn from it about our world. Covid-19 forces humanity to focus on death and fear, and reintroduces existential questioning into our individual and collective lives.

Since it accelerates our growing concern for the future of the planet while at the same time triggering other social, economic and political crises, this special webinar will focuses on the pandemic. It is derived from the conference on “Confronting Evil”, which will be organized in collaboration with College de France and has been rescheduled to November 2020.

Its objective is also to reflect on the importance of advancing philosophy and the human sciences in general to deepen the understanding of this pandemic and the global transformations taking place.


- Divya Dwivedi, Philosopher and professor, Indian Institut of Technology Delhi: "The Modals of Lost Responsibilities" (in English)

- Juan Manuel Garrido, Professor of philosophy, Alberto Hurtado University, Chili: "Fear and evil in the context of Covid-19" (in English)

- Parham Shahrjerdi, Writer, critic, editor and translator: "It would be nice to testify that we are aware of our night" (in French)


- Sanogo Aïdas, Social anthropologist, Manga University Center, Burkina Faso: "Suffering and smiling”: life, disease and death in Burkina Faso" (in English)

- Federico Ferrari, Writer and professor of philosophy of art, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan: "Except me" (in French)

- Jean-Luc Nancy, Philosopher and former professor at Strasbourg University: "Sickness, misfortune, evil spell" (in French)

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English and French.


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