In the footsteps of Miranda

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Francisco de Miranda

The exhibition “In the footsteps of Miranda” retraces the intellectual, historical role, and journeys of Francisco de Miranda, Venezuelan military. A world citizen, imbued with republican ideas of the United States of America and the French Revolution.
Considered by Latin Americans as the precursor of Hispano-American Independence, he is an actor and a witness of the eighteenth century, the century of revolutions. General and hero of the Northern Army in 1792, having won decisive battles that founded the French Republic, he also was an officer in the Spanish Army and participated in the American War of Independence (1779-1781).

The archives of this uncommon character, committed to freedom, are inscribed in the Memory of the World List since 2007, under the name of “Colombeia: Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda’s Archives”. From the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century, they illustrate important moments in the history of humanity, such as the the Spanish war against the Moors of the Alauita Sultanate of Morocco, the process of independence of the United States, the political life of Tsarist Russia in the era of the Empress Catherine the Great, the French Revolution and the international war conflicts derived from it.

“In the footsteps of Miranda” is a project managed by the Association Enlaces Artisticos with the support of the House of Latin America in Paris.



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