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Photo Contest “Shared Visions”

The School of Journalism and Public Relations in cooperation with the Institute for Community Development from Tetovo, under auspices of UNESCO and with the support of the joint programme on “Enhancing Inter-ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration” supported by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Spanish Achievement Fund, announce a photo contest on the theme : Shared visions.
The aim of this contest is to encourage young citizens of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to celebrate and cultivate cultural diversity in the country, to emphasize those things that bring us together and that are in common for all of us, and to celebrate the co-operation among different cultures, ethnic and religious communities. Audiovisual works submitted through this contest will be visual representations of moments and stories that show interesting and impressive examples of everyday life in multicultural and multiethnic former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, as well as digital illustrations, which represent the authors’ visions on the joint future for all ethnic, religious and cultural communities in the country.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All young people from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia aged 15 -26 are eligible to apply to this contest.

CATEGORIES Participants can send their photos in following categories: Digital photography or photo-illustration, Amateur photo taken with a mobile phone. Each participant can apply by sending a maximum of five (5) digital photos, unpublished before.

FORMAT Photos in the category for digital photography should have an optimum format of the photograph 40 x 30cm, with a resolution of 300 dpi. Recommended file size is over 2 MB. Due to file size of the images they should be sent in separate e-mails, one by one. The photography taken by mobile phone should be made with a phone that has camera with minimum 2 mp.

SUBJECT Photos submitted to the contest should be on the theme "Shared visions". The topic allows different angles and views, while the organizer also encourages photographers to offer original photographic approaches that have not been commonly used before. It will be considered as an advantage if the photos taken are recent, but equal treatment will be given to photos which are older, if they have not been published or massively exploited prior to this contest.

AWARDS A special five-member jury, composed of professional photographers, professors of photography and design and outstanding experts relate with community diversity issues, will award four prizes, including:
- Grand Prix: photo equipment with a value up to 10,000 den
- First prize: photo equipment with a value up to 5,000 den
- Second prize: photo equipment with a value up to 3,000 den
- Third prize: photo equipment with a value up to 2.000 den.

ADDRESS AND DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION The competition is open until 5 May 2010. Photos and all data requirements should be sent in NAF, TIFF, JPG or JPEG formats via the following addresses: or

The awards will be announced and awarded on 15 May 2010 when a public presentation of the best 30-40 photos will be organized. The date and format of this event and the names of the winners will be published on the website of the competition and on websites of the partners in this project - the School of Journalism and Public Relations ( and the Institute community development - Tetovo (


Type of Event Special Event
Start 15.04.2010 09:00 local time
End 05.05.2010 09:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Naskova, Zojka
Country The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
City Skopje
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English
Estimated number of participants
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