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Digital photographic award “Crossing Viewpoints: Living Heritage in the Mediterranean"

(c)Euromed Heritage 4/ RehabiMed
Photographic Award "Crossing Viewpoints: Living Heritage in the Mediterranean”    

Euromed Heritage 4– RehabiMed International Digital Photography Award : "Crossing Viewpoints: Living Heritage in the Mediterranean"
The competition, organised by Euromed Heritage 4 and RehabiMed association, aims at promoting and disseminating photographs reflecting Mediterranean cultural heritage in all its richness and diversity - archaeological sites and ancient buildings, urban and rural landscapes and settlements, traditional houses, oral traditions, skills and knowledge, rituals. This immense tangible and intangible heritage has been handed down from generation to generation and reflects the spirit of peoples and communities, and their value systems and beliefs, through the centuries.


Type of Event Special Event
Start 03.05.2010 11:00 local time
End 31.07.2010 21:55 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Perrier de la Bathie, Fleur
Organizer Regional Monitoring and Support Unit (RMSU), Euromed Heritage 4 Programme
Country Belgium
City Brussels
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English, French, Arabic
Estimated number of participants
Official Website Concours photographique numérique « Regards croisés : Patrimoine vivant en Méditerranée »
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