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National History Museums in South-East Europe: Learning History, building shared memories

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This international conference will gather various experts, history museums directors, curators and historians across the region and beyond, so as to hold a comparative exchange of views on the role and function of prominent History Museums today.

The event is organised in cooperation with the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO, and with the support of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki, the ICOM Regional Alliance for South-East Europe, and the UNESCO Chair in intercultural policy (Thessaloniki).

The meeting will serve to develop recommendations on strategies, methods and policies conducive to the transformation and development of history museums; discuss their function as innovative educational tools; enhance a better knowledge of their role as critical tools for intercultural dialogue and development; propose new interdisciplinary perspectives on European history and on the notion of “shared memories”; identify new forms of cooperation, exchanges and partnerships between these history museums within the region and beyond.

Four round-tables are envisaged: “National history museums today: mission statements, goals and objectives, strategies”; “National history museums, education and intercultural dialogue: new perspectives on history and memory in Europe “; “Transforming national history museums in modern cultural institutions: education, communication, research”; “National and international exchanges, networks, partnerships: a new vision for South-East European and European history museums”.

The conference will comprise museum directors and experts from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey. Are also invited directors and high level experts from other European museums, professional institutions or international organizations to allow for an exchange of ideas and best practices (Peace Memorial in Caen, Museum of Europe in Brussels, German Historical Museum in Berlin, National Museum of the Risorgimento in Turin, Council of Europe, International Association of Museums of History, ICOM South-East European Regional Alliance).


Type of Event Working group
Start 18.10.2010 07:00 local time
End 19.10.2010 16:30 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Krause, Anthony
Organizer UNESCO Venice Office
Contact Anthony Krause at
Country Greece
City Thessaloniki
Venue Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture (first day)/Thessaloniki Archeological Museum (second day)
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English
Estimated number of participants
Official Website International conference on National History Museums in South-East Europe. Thessaloniki, Greece. 18-19 October 2010
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