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Natural and Cultural Landscapes in the Fayum

The main purpose of the conference is to host a debate on the urgent question of the rescue and safeguarding of the archaeological sites and natural environments of the Fayum, but without overlooking the urgent needs and demand of local people.

Participants to the Colloquium include: Egyptologists, archaeologists, experts of protected areas, environment, ecology, site management, museology, eco-tourism and sustainable development.

The Colloquium is divided into four main sessions:
I) The Fayum Today- introductive communications on the general situation of the region
II) The Fayum in the Past: archaeology, geo-archaeology and palaeo-environment
III) The Fayum in the Future: a) site management, b) museums and c) eco-tourism
IV) The Fayum Declaration: discussion and signing of a common document containing a multiphase safeguarding and development project.

The goal is to seek support to find an integrated way to face the complex problems of the region, where – as in almost all the areas in Egypt – environmental, historical and archaeological problems and perspectives are connected with safeguarding, preservation and sustainable development.

The opening session will be held in the Conference Hall of the Fayum Governorate and all other communications at the Hotel “Auberge du lac” by the Qarun Lake.


Type of Event Meeting by Member States or Institutions
Start 31.10.2010 13:00 local time
End 02.11.2010 13:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Al-Aawah, Mohamed A.H.
Organizer Italian Archaeological Centre with the sponsorship and collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute under the patronage of the Italian Embassy, the Development Cooperation Office of the Italian Embassy and the Egyptian Italian Environmental Cooperation
Contact Italian Archaeological Centre:;; or call 002 02 25790129
Country Egypt
City Fayoum
Venue Conference Hall of the Fayum Governorate (Opening) and Hotel “Auberge du lac” by the Qarun Lake
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