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Vanguardia Iberoamericana Forum 2010

In the context of the International Year of Youth, the 2010 edition of Vanguardia Iberoamericana will focus on “Education: Vision 360°”. Its general objective is to identify proposals for solutions to major challenges faced in the Latin-American region in terms of education, by sensitizing leaders towards seeking change and promoting sustainable and inclusive development.
Discussions will focus on:
• Opening Round Table - Sustainable Development and Lifelong Learning;
• First Dialogue - From Imagination to Innovation;
• Second Dialogue - Education: Reference and Measurement;
• Third Dialogue - The Challenges of Inclusion;
• Fourth Dialogue - Education, Mobility and Ibero-American Space.

Vanguardia Iberoamericana is an annual event organized by Espacio de Vinculación A.C. (EVAC) within the framework of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government which will concentrate this year on the theme “Education for Social Inclusion” (3-4 December, Mar del Plata, Argentina). This Forum includes an intensive three-day work programme allowing a group of about 100 students from all over the region to meet and discuss the central theme of the event, which follows the themes of the Summit.

It consists of a series of conferences and meetings at the highest level, where young people will have the opportunity to share opinions with representatives of the most important political, business and intellectual institutions in the region. The outcome of the Forum will be a summary report, prepared by the delegates, to be submitted to the Summit to the Heads of State for their consideration.

For the fourth consecutive year, EVAC has invited the UNESCO Section for Youth, Sport and Physical Education and National Commissions to participate in the selection of participants from Latin America.

UNESCO has also collaborated, from the beginning of the process, with Red Vanguardia for the identification of the 5 thematic axes of the event and has provided technical support by establishing the methodology and a Participation Guidelines for the Forum. In addition, UNESCO has assisted in training and coordinating the facilitators which will participate in the Forum.

UNESCO will supervise the online dialogue that will be held prior to the Forum, to allow all the young participants to exchange on the different topics that will be discussed during the event.


Type of Event Interagency meeting
Start 26.11.2010 18:00 local time
End 30.11.2010 16:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point El-khoury, Golda
Organizer Espacio de Vinculación A.C. (EVAC)
Contact Berenice Alcalde,
Country Argentina
City Mar Del Plata
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event Spanish
Estimated number of participants
Official Website Espacio de Vinculación A.C. (EVAC)
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