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Venetian baroque music and cultural diversity

© Jean-Marc Haddad
Instrumental and vocal ensemble “La Stella”

UNESCO Venice Office will host a concert of baroque music “Dalle Nozze di Cana di Veronese”, performed by the instrumental and vocal ensemble “La Stella”. This event is part of the public events organized from June to October 2011 in Venice by the Venetian Centre for Baroque Music within the framework of its recently inaugurated festival "Il Risveglio degli affetti", focused on the birth of baroque music in Venice, with the participation of leading artists such as René Jacobs, Gabriel Garrido, Fabio Fondi, Andrea Marcon, Rinaldo Alessandrini, among others.

By encouraging an enabling environment in which all cultural expressions may be affirmed in their rich creative diversity, renewed through exchanges and partnerships, and made accessible to all, UNESCO endeavors to ensure that all cultures benefit from the development opportunities opened up by cultural creative industries.


Type of Event Concert
Start 27.09.2011 18:00 local time
End 27.09.2011 20:00 local time
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Focal point Krause, Anthony
Contact Anthony Krause at
Country Italy
City Venice
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