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Information Meeting on the International Campaign for the Establishment of the Nubia Museum in Aswan and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Cairo

The meeting is a short overview of the Campaign for the benefit of newly elected members of the Executive Committee.

The Nubia Museum in Aswan, designed to house the collection items unearthed at the archaeological excavations during the Nubia Campaign, was officially opened on 23 November 1997

The Nubia Museum does not only function as a museum in the traditional sense but is also intended to serve as a research and documentation centre on the International Salvage Campaign of Nubian’s Monuments and on Nubian’s history and culture in general.

Following the establishment of the Nubia Museum, the Executive Committee of the International Campaign, is strongly involved in the realization of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Cairo.

The first museum devoted to Egyptian civilization, NMEC is situated on the archaeological site of El Fustat, in Cairo. It is the only museum in Egypt to present the full range of the richness and diversity of Egyptian civilization throughout the ages, from prehistoric times to present day. Moreover, it is the very first of its kind and of this scale in the entire Arab world. Its exceptional collections are drawn from the Egyptian National Collections.


Type of Event Information meeting with Permanent Delegations
Start 23.02.2010 08:00 local time
End 23.02.2010 16:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Kredler, Vanessa
Organizer UNESCO
Country France
City Paris
Venue UNESCO Headquarters
Street 7 place de Fontenoy
Permanent Delegation Contact
Major Programme
Language of Event English, French, Arabic
Estimated number of participants 18
Official Website National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC)
Link 1 Le Musée national de la civilisation égyptienne (NMEC)
Link 2
Link 3
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