Research Meeting on Social Protection Policies in South Asia

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The objective of the meeting is to provide support material and expertise in view of the next Forum of Ministers in charge of social development from South Asia.
This meeting, bringing together researchers from across South Asia already involved in policy-making in the social protection field, will closely examine the topic Social Protection and Safety Nets in South Asia, and help address the following questions:
• What are the social policies that work under what conditions and what lessons can such experiences offer to other countries?
• How can such policies be further strengthened to enhance the transformative potential?
• And how can a regional perspective be built on issues of social protection?

Therefore, expected outcomes are:
• Overview of social protection policies in the countries of South Asia
• Country-papers on social protection policies and initiatives
• Opportunities for concrete horizontal projects and bilateral cooperation
• Identification of best practices on social protection policies
• Recommendations to policy-makers


Type of Event Category 6-Expert Committees
Start 18.03.2010 07:30 local time
End 19.03.2010 15:30 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Faetanini, Marina
Country India
City New Delhi
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Language of Event English
Estimated number of participants 30
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