Asian-Arab Philosophical Dialogues on Culture of Peace and Human Dignity

This conference falls within the context of a series of workshops aimed to enhance dialogues between philosophers in Asian and Arab regions to broaden intercultural communication, and strengthen the role of philosophy in public policy, and to promote the teaching of non-Western philosophies around the world. These dialogues have been held over the past five years in Seoul, Rabat, Hiroshima, Paris, and Bangkok. The 2010 will be held in Malacca, a site of contact between the Arab and Asian worlds for five hundred years.


Type of Event Category 7-Seminar and Workshop
Start 14.05.2010 16:00 local time
End 17.05.2010 16:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Macer, Darryl
Country Malaysia
City Malacca
Permanent Delegation Contact
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