The Philosophy of Suma Qamaña and Living Well: New Stakes for the 21st Century

On the occasion of the International Festival of Cultural Diversity, this round table aims at presenting an Andean philosophy on ways of life. Special guest: Félix Cardenas, Vice-Minister for Decolonization of Bolivia.
After a century in which modern Western lifestyles spread around the world and reached their limits, the moment has come to meditate on the lessons of an ancient Andean philosophy which, in the manner of many of the indigenous ways of life, rests on the principle of establishing harmony between the world and the self in order to find happiness. The debate on the wealth of nations stands to gain from and understanding of the concept of prosperity that sees happiness as already present in the world around us.


Type of Event Special Event
Start 19.05.2010 13:30 local time
End 19.05.2010 16:00 local time
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