Thematic workshop of the Regional Monitoring and Support Unit Team (RMSU): Management of heritage sites and artefacts

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Petra site

Second thematic workshop organised by the RMSU-Euromed Heritage 4
The management of cultural heritage sites and artefacts in the Mediterranean region needs considerable improvement. This workshop, addressed to Euromed Heritage 4 project partners, will therefore introduce participants to the fundamentals of a Heritage Management Plan (HMP), including the integration of tourism aspects guaranteeing the sustainable preservation of heritage and sites and representing at the same time a chance for economic and social development at the local level.

Amongst various examples of HMP approaches and implementation, the case of Petra will be used as a major case study together with other examples in the management of urban historic centres, monuments and archaeological sites, museums, itineraries and routes, etc., from around the Mediterranean.

The objective is to bring to participants the state-of-the-art in HMP and stimulate them into developing aspects of HMP to be translated into a viable business plan within their project activities.

The workshop will produce a list of recommendations for approaches more tailored to needs that would serve towards the elaboration of a “reference document”.


Type of Event Meeting by Member States or Institutions
Start 17.05.2010 06:00 local time
End 19.05.2010 17:00 local time
Date to be fixed 0
Focal point Perrier de la Bathie, Fleur
Organizer Regional Monitoring and Support Unit Team - Euromed Heritage 4
Country Jordan
City Petra
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Major Programme
Language of Event English, French
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